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How it works


What is eScrow?

eScrow acts as a guarantor between the parties: in this step, the buyer must make a transfer of value equal to the total amount due to the seller +3% commission fee for the eScrow service. The information to make the transfer is:

IBAN IT 61 R 01005 20400 000 000 010333
In the name of eScrow Italia S.r.l.

eScrow is an "escrow deposit" (an on-trust deposit account) used by a third party (not involved in the Transaction) to hold and then pay a sum of money between two parties (buyer and seller) involved in a given Transaction.

When using eScrow, money transactions will always be secure because payments are held in a escrow deposit account and will only be released when all the terms of the agreement are met.

This system, used worldwide, is very useful where different amounts of money are involved in a Transaction, and certain obligations must be met before payment can be released to the seller.

Indeed, it often happens that before paying, the buyer wants confirmation that he will receive the goods purchased, or wants to verify the quality of the work done. The seller instead wants the guarantee that he will receive payment when the work is done, or when the goods are delivered.

eScrow Italia S.r.l. provides this service at very competitive fees. On every Transaction guaranteed, a maximum commission of 3% will be charged. Our fee is paid by both the seller and the buyer.

Transactions are made with maximum security, with no the risk of losing money or goods due to frequent online frauds often reported. By using our service, you have secure transactions and both buyers and sellers are always satisfied.

How eScrow works

eScrow Italia is a trusted external provider that acts as a third party in commercial transactions between 2 parties. Our service is to collect, hold and then release funds only when the seller and buyer have met all the necessary conditions of the Transaction (i.e. the money will be sent to the seller only after the buyer sends confirmation that they have received the goods or service agreed with the seller).

This eliminates the risk of fraud, as payments are always guaranteed for the seller, while the buyer always enjoys full security of not losing their money.

The operating phases of eScrow are:

  1. the buyer and seller agree on terms, between themselves, and establish the terms of their Transaction;
  2. the buyer and seller begin a Transaction;
  3. the Buyer and Seller register on the website and accept the terms of the Transaction;
  4. the buyer pays eScrow Italia by bank transfer to the escrow account;
  5. eScrow Italia verifies the payment and notifies the seller that the amount has been received;
  6. the seller sends the goods (or provides the service requested by the buyer) and sends information regarding goods' tracking;
  7. the buyer accepts the goods or services and notifies eScrow Italia accordingly;
  8. eScrow Italy pays the seller.
1. Buyer and seller agree to the terms
2. Buyer sends payment to eScrow
3. Seller delivers goods to buyer
4. Buyer verifies goods or services
5. eScrow sends payment to the seller .

Why choose eScrow?

When buyers and sellers access the website, they can check for status updates that concern them, so they know exactly what stage the Transaction is in the overall process.

Every time Buyers make payments, they are certain their Funds will be guaranteed until the Transaction is completed. This ensures that the Transaction is protected against any type of fraud. Further information is available on this website, in the legal section.

All our services are backed up by experienced staff who are always available in case of need: we offer telephone support from 9 am to 6 pm at 0039 02, 7 days a week and support by email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

eScrow Italia gives a number of benefits to our customers. We guarantee both sellers and buyers, protecting them both in exactly the same way.

eScrow Italia verifies the sums sent by the buyers, and holds them in an escrow deposit. The seller sends the goods, or performs the service, only after the buyer has made the payment. The seller is however not paid until the buyer accepts the goods/services, or has the opportunity to view them. It is indeed only after the buyer has accepted and viewed the goods that the payment will be transferred to the seller.

There are no risks and no worries, as all transactions are conducted under the supervision of upright and diligent professionals.